Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Community Development District?

A Community Development District (CDD) is a special purpose unit of local government established by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes.  A CDD is a type of and  is the most popular form of Special District.  CDD’s are similar to Cities and Counties, except that Special District’s are governmental agencies of local special-purpose government rather thean general-purpose government.  A CDD has limited special powers, that include funding, installing, operating and maintaining public infrastructure.  There are many other forms of Special District’s, such as Inland and Navigation Districts, Hospital District’s, Housing Authority District and Fire Control District’s to name a few.  Chapter 190 is devoted solely to Community Development District’s and are the most popular form of special-purpose government in the State today.  

What powers are is the District permitted to exercise?

As special purpose local governments, CDD’s possess certain legal powers similar to those held by Cities and Counties.  

CDD powers incluse the right to enter into contracts, to acquire and dispose of real and personal property, to adopt rules and regulations and to obtain funds.  CDD’s can borrow funds through the issuance of bonds, or they can levy assessments and taxes.  CDDs also have certain special powers relating to the provision of basic public improvements and community facilities, such as roads, bridges, utilities, and water management services, to name a few.  

All District powers are sxercised subject to the regularotry jurisdiction and permitted authority of all applicable governmental bodies, agencies and other special districts that have jurisdiction of the CDD.  Similarly, the establishement of a CDD does not alter the requirement of obtaining the necessary government approval for any activities or construction within the District.  By law, CDDs do NOT have zoning, land use or police powers.